Bike Fit

Bike Fit in Dorchester                 

I am working very hard to be able to restart the bike fit sessions but there are a number of challenges with regard to scheduling and PPE.

Whatever level or style of cycling you do, comfort on your bike is the key to preventing and recovering from cycling related injury.

If you are suffering from any of these symptoms on your bike:

  • Neck ache

  • Arm/Shoulder pain

  • Back pain

  • Knee pain

  • Hamstring pain or tightness

  • Calf pain or tightness

or just want to optimise your position on your bike to improve comfort, performance or aerodynamics, Dorset Physiotherapy Centre can help.



We assess you on your bike (or bikes) on the turbo trainer to look at joint angles, body position specifically for the type of riding and level you ride at and pedal and cleat position to get you the optimum set up for your cycling.

We can also use our video analysis software to fine tune your position and look at technical points during your pedal stroke such as knee tracking.

If muscle strength or lack of joint range is preventing you from achieving the position you are aiming for we can design bespoke rehabilitation and preventative exercise programs to help you reach your goals.

Bike Fit Packages

Basic Fit £45

including turbotrainer analysis of current position and measurement and fitting of new position, cleat alignment and recommendations for change of equipment if required. Please allow up to an hour for your appointment.

Basic Fit with 2 bikes £70 please allow up to 90minutes for your session.

Ultimate Bike Fit £120

includes Physical examination, video analysis of your riding, full fitting, cleat alignment, any equipment or technique recommendations and tailored rehabilitation program. Please allow up to 2 hours for your appointment.

Ultimate Fit with 2 bikes £180. Please allow up to 2hrs 30mins for your session.

We can perform the bike fit on all types of bike as long as they are compatible with a cyclops turbotrainer and please give your bike(s) a clean before you come along to your fitting session.


Please note due to the length of the fit sessions we require 48 hours notice of a cancellation otherwise you will be liable for the full session fee.