Top Tips for New or Improving Runners

27 October 2017

Top Tips for New or Improving Runners

If you have just started running or are thinking about giving it a go, this is a handy guide to help you avoid injury as you get started on your new training program.

Running is great exercise and really enjoyable but it is quite different to other forms of exercise and so your body will probably need some time to adapt if you haven't been reccently doing a lot of high impact activity.

Here are our Top Tips:

  • Start slow - If you are brand new to running or have had more than 6 months away from regular running, start with walk/run intervals and slowly increase the run intervals or start with a ‘couch to 5k’ program.


  • Start with 2 or 3 runs per week with rest days after each run.


  • Plan your progression - this can be as simple as total weekly mileage or as in depth as scheduling each individual training session. Aim for around a 10% increase in time or mileage per week to prevent jumping your training more quickly than your body can adapt to.


  • Give yourself plenty of time to increase your mileage. I know there are marathon training plans as low as 12 weeks long but the more time you can give yourself the more time you give your body to adapt to the training, improve your recovery time and minimise your chance of injury.


  • Consider doing some strength training to prepare your body for the training load and minimising the chance of having an injury that disrupts your preparation for you event or just enjoyment of your running.

We have created a Free Runners exercise program to help strengthen the legs to cope with your training. It's great for new runners but there is something in there for most runners, especially those who have struggled with hip, knee or heel/achilles pain.

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