Step By Step Guide to Online Booking

21 November 2019

Welcome to our Online Booking Walkthrough

I am going to take you through the online booking process with an image of the screen at every stage so you can see the process and the information you will need to complete your booking.

Step 1. Clicking the Online Booking button brings you to this screen

You can now choose your service for Physiotherapy or Bike FItting. we are going to select Physio for the purposes of this guide but it would be exactly the same process for BIke Fitting. I now click the Physiotherapy tab.

2. This reveals the Physiotherapy options.

I will select Initial Consultation for the guide but all other options take you through the same process. The cost of the session is displayed next to the appointment type. If you know you will prefer an evening appointment, please select this as it will open up more evening availability for you.

I now click Select on the Initial Consultation tab.

3. Which brings you to this screen.

I can now select my preferred day. There are morning, afternoon and Evening appointments available all marked with a different colour symbol for easy comparison.

I now click on Friday but you can select any day that has a convenient appointment.

Please also note that there are no client details of existing bookings on screen. Your data is always kept safe.

4. The available time slots are now shown on the right of the screen.

You can now see what times are availble for booking on your chosen day. I will select 9:15am for the guide but you can choose the most conveneint time for you.

I now click on the Green 9:15am tab.

5. We are now brought to this screen.

I now complete my name, contact details and I can add a note for the physio if there is something important that we should be aware of. If I am happy that this appointment is at the right time and on the right day I then click the Green Book appointment button at the bottom.

6. You will then receive your confirmation. All done!

This confirms the appointment and an email will be sent to the email address you gave us in the previous step to provide a copy of this confirmation. On this screen there is a map of the clinic location, this can also be found on our website. 48 hours before your appointment you will receive a reminder via email or text message allowing you to change or cancel your appointment without charge.

Best wishes and we look forward to seeing you in clinic.