Important Covid-19 Information for Clients Attending the Clinic

08 July 2020

Important Covid-19 Information for Clients Attending the Clinic

Attending the clinic for Physiotherapy will involve some close proximity between the Clinician and Patient that breaches current distancing measures.

Attendance in person will also involve the need to touch surfaces and equipment and be in a contained, indoor space that will increase the risk of transmission of the virus from surfaces and airborne droplets even with the use of a mask.

It is important to note that our duty of care to all persons attending the clinic is absolute. The risk of transmission of the virus cannot be eliminated completely but we have taken measures to reduce this risk as much as possible. Because the risk cannot be eliminated we need to make a joint decision with all persons attending the clinic to ensure that the benefit of attending in person outweighs the risk of contracting or transmitting the Covid-19 virus.

Our Covid-19 Protection Measures

- Using a pre-attendance questionnaire to identify clients who are at a higher risk or require extra protection

- Continuing to use a Remote Consultation First Policy when the problem allows or the Patient is happy for their symptoms to be assessed and treated this way.

- Ensuring only people with an appointment and necessary individuals accompanying them enter the clinic

- Use of (or availability of PPE for those who don't need to but would like to use) protective equipment for all individuals within the clinic area

- Use of a ventilation system to change the air in the clinic with sufficient frequency to reduce the risk of transmission by airborne droplets to less than 1%

- Changing procedures to minimise the surfaces that Patients will be required to touch during their visit

- Ensuring a robust cleaning policy before and after each Patient attendance

- Ensuring that sufficient time is allowed between each patient attendance to clean and allow sufficient ventilation and removal of air.

If you have any questions about the measures we have taken, please contact us prior to your appointment