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4 Oct 2018

Top Training Tips to Beat Injury

Training Tips To Help You Beat Injury and Hit Your Goals Whatever your sport and whatever level you are training at or aiming for, a good grasp of the principles of training can save you a lot of missed training due to injury and maximise your improvement. Anything can happen in life so there is no way to completely eliminate injury risk when we are training but with a proper understanding of how the body responds to work we can reduce the risk of causing ourselves problems by over or ... Read more...
15 Feb 2018

Goal Setting

The process of setting goals is incredibly important for any big task like recovery from injury or targeting a specific athletic performance. It is especially true if it is difficult to see a clear path that leads to your desired outcome. This handy infographic will give you 5 top tips to get the best from the process and if you find it interesting there is a more in depth article waiting for you below. Please share to help as many people as possible improve their goal setting. Click the ... Read more...
1 Feb 2018

Goal Setting for Pain and Injury Recovery

Having a goal or set of goals is a really useful tool for recovery from injury or pain. It allows you to focus on the specific changes and things you need to do to get where you want to be and minimises the distractions that can be a cause of not achieving your aim. With this article I want to highlight a few helpful issues with goal setting to make sure you get the best from the process and help you as much as possible. 1. Have a goal that is individual to you Make your goal or goals ... Read more...