About Physiotherapy

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is assisting people whose lives are affected by the immediate or ongoing effects of illness or injury to maximise their ability to enjoy their lives and return to or find new activities that increase their health and quality of life.

In our clinic we specialise in a branch of physiotherapy that helps people recover from injury, surgery and painful conditions affecting the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Physiotherapy should be a collaberative process between the physio and you to both understand where you are with your symptoms, how you got there, how you move forward and what may stop you moving forward or slow your progress. This can be straightforward in newer injuries and a longer and more complex process in more persistent issues.

You should come away from your first session with a plan to get you better and at least a start on understanding the building blocks of recovery.

The great thing about this teamwork between an individual and the physio is that even though there are no magic cures, there are many ways to address any given set of circumstances and we can tailor the rehab plan to you, your schedule, your likes and dislikes etc to make it right for you. Your input to this is equally as valuable as the knowledge and skills the physio brings.

The kind of things the physio may suggest for you as part of your treatment plan can vary but will usually include some exercise. Exercise comes in many forms from gentle activity to intense work, small movements to whole body movements, but sometimes there are some specific things that will aid your recovery. Exercise is great for all stages of injuries right from the early stages onwards.

Other treatments may include the setting of goals to measure your progress, providing information from research to help you understand your symptoms in a different way, discussing changes in lifestyle or activity levels with you to help you recover, in addition to the more traditional massage and hands-on therapy most people understand as physiotherapy.

Try to keep an open mind with regard to your symptoms and be open to trying new approaches, understanding and ways of thinking. New information is coming out all the time from scientific research to help improve recovery for people which can sometimes conflict with advice people have previously been given. In addition to this there are myths and incorrect information out there that can really confuse and hamper your ability to recover.

Our goal is always to help you achieve your goals and we will not use treatments that do not convince us of their biological way of working or of their benefit. We are always learning and trying to stay up to date with the latest work for the benefit of the people who work with us.

We do not get you to come in more than you need to, in fact we are always working to ensure you don’t need us at all.