How can we help you?

Covid-19 Update - Our current guidance is that all appointments should still be done remotely where possible as distancing is not possible in Face to Face appointments. There are a very select set of circumstances where we may need to arrange a Face to Face appointment but this will be discussed with you at your Online Assessment.

Please book an online appointment in the first instance.

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Why Choose Us?

Quite simply, we love helping people get better.

We take pride in being trusted, experienced, giving you time and providing simple, honest advice to guide your rehabilitation in our fully equipped clinic

We work with any age group and any injury, from the smallest strain to the more complex, ongoing or traumatic injuries; improving balance, walking or strength through to optimising sporting performance 

You have the peace of mind that a national clinical audit has awarded us the status of Quality Assured Practitioner and we routinely track our client feedback to make sure we offer the best service and rehabilitation


Check our Open Access Rehab Plans to help you if you are struggling with injury and can't get assistance. Please share this if you can to enable as many people to have access during these difficult times.

Dorset Physiotherapy Centre Guarantee

If you are not completely happy with your visit we will refund your fee and give you your next session free.

"No preconceived ideas. Lots of listening. Not rushed. Two way process. Good value."

Client Feedback 06/11/2019

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