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Physiotherapy in Dorchester 

At our Dorchester clinic we can guide and support you in your recovery from

• Back and Neck Pain including
  sciatica and other nerve  symptoms
• Shoulder, Hip, Knee and other Joint Pain
• Ligament and Tendon Injuries
• Muscle injuries and Strains from Mild to Severe
• Recovery from Surgery
• Running, Cycling and other Sports Injuries
• Short Term and More Persistent Symptoms
• Symptoms that have not responded to previous treatment

For us, nothing beats that feeling of helping someone turn a movement or activity from ‘unable’ into an ‘able’. We have been doing that every day for nearly 20 years. That’s a lot of people who are able to do things they previously found difficult!

We love to work with clients of all ages to achieve their individual goals and equip them with the knowledge and strategies enable a long term recovery, enjoying life and their chosen activities, hopefully without the need for ongoing treatment.

Our philosophy is to provide a positive, proactive approach putting you in control of your symptoms and recovery, together with the knowledge and support to continue your rehabilitation. We use the fantastic interactive Physitrack® App to provide you with your tailored rehab program, track your improvement and allow you to provide quick, easy 2 way communication on how your recovery is going. It's free to clients and is receiving great feedback.

Real, long lasting recovery is rarely quick and easy but if you are ready to do a little work and perhaps think a little differently about the way forward with your pain and injury, we are here, just get in touch.

It is easy to arrange your friendly assessment session by phone or using our online booking service. We have appointments available mornings, early afternoons and evenings Mon-Friday and we look forward to seeing you in clinic and getting started with you on your recovery.

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We are delighted to have been awarded Quality Assured Pratitioner Status following our ongoing participation in a national Clinical Audit in conjunction with University of Brighton and Physio First, comparing our client outcomes to those around the country. Find out more here.

Dorset Physiotherapy Centre Guarantee

If you are not completely happy with your visit we will refund your fee and give you your next session free.

When I first went to Dorset Physiotherapy Centre I was convinced that I would soon need revision surgery on my knee,and just wanted to strengthen the leg muscles prior to the operation. I now have better mobility than I have had for over 2 years and, more importantly, I have been given the confidence to keep using my knee.

Mrs W - Dorchester

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